About M-1 FramingSubs Inc

  • M-1 FramingSubs Inc is a General Building Contractor located in southern California. As an Independent authorized dealer for pre-fab steel buildings, we specialize in sales and installation and provide a one-stop-shop with a network of highly trained people to meet your every need.
  • We are also a General Constructor which puts us head and shoulders above the rest, because of our capabilities to do wood, metal framing, and steel construction. With over 40 years of experience in the commercial and residential building industry, having built on both the east and west coast we bring a well-rounded amount of experience in all aspects, and what we don’t know we find out.
  • We use the slogan, Where We Treat You Right because that’s what we do. We are here to provide you with the best in service leaving you no reason not to come back and see us again.
  • We sell Sunward steel buildings, having over 40 years of experience as a manufacturer of steel buildings they know their way around a building or two and have been consistently producing buildings to meet your need.
  • Our sales territory is from Bakersfield to El Centro, San Diego to Stateline, all of Southern California and some parts of the Central Valley coastal areas.
  • With Sunward’s in-house engineers your structural set of plan are included come stamped and approved with the sale of your building. Whether you need new construction, tenant improvement, additions, project management, consulting you can count on
  • M-1 FramingSubs Inc to meet your needs above and beyond your expectations.

Who We Are

M-1 Framing Subs Inc is an Independent dealer for Sunward Steel manufacturers. authorized to sell and erect in the southern California market. Any building any size whether you need office space, storage units, warehouse, if you can imagine it we can build it.

We are a service provider so if you have your own building and need someone to erect it, we can provide all aspects you need from foundation to completion we’re the guys to get the job done.

We’ve built Costco’s across the country, communication bunkers in South Carolina, Aviation Hangers on Homestead Air Base in Florida, New mess hall Jacksonville NAS, we have the skill set to get the job done.

The thing about finding a true and real contractor they are hard to come by but when you associate with us you’ve got the best satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Mission

Our commitment to you our customers and clients is to provide you with the ultimate in service, the best available. We strive to produce safe and efficient production and use state of the art technique. One of the most important things you can do is constantly grow with technology, and we pride ourselves on investing to keep us current with the latest in all equipment. This company started thru the eyes of a young kid who followed his dad around the job sites as a kid in the late ’60s, one day while watching the excavation and building of the towers down in the south bay I had made up my mind I would one day build a building. Having done many other things such as coached high school football and semi-pro football, and retail management, it always was my passion and calling so to speak to be a contractor. My love for this field goes beyond saying I love what I do, it is one of the most satisfying thing you can accomplish, to hand a product that the client will cherish and enjoy finished and complete.